David Puerta, Ph.D.

David Puerta, Ph.D. is a founder of Forge Therapeutics and leads the chemistry functions of the company. Dr. Puerta brings to Forge over 10 years experience of innovation and disruptive solutions.  Prior to Forge, Dr. Puerta served as Vice President of Discovery at Living Proof where he was responsible the discovery and development of several key technologies, two of which are currently in successful, award-winning products. As one of the initial employees of Living Proof and member of the Executive Management Team, Dr. Puerta helped build the company through the creation of R&D strategic and tactical goals, intellectual property and business strategies, corporate culture, and marketing initiatives.  As a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, Dr. Puerta developed a bioinorganic approach to metalloprotein inhibition with Forge Founder Prof. Seth Cohen; changing the way researchers approach drugging these targets.  Dr. Puerta has published over a dozen articles and is an inventor on dozens of issued and pending patents.

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